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About Me

Eager and experienced professional with 5+ years of expertise in PR, business development, photography, videography, and video editing. Skilled in executing photo retouching, enhancement, video editing, and color grading to consistently deliver outstanding results. Proficient in handling various cameras for photography, videography, and cinema, demonstrating expertise with gimbals. Possessing the ability to work seamlessly with different lighting setups, both in studio environments and on location.

Recognized as a trailblazing smartphone photography tutor in India through a featured NDTV interview and renowned for documenting the restoration of the iconic Golden Temple in Amritsar. Showcasing dedication to impactful storytelling through visuals. Known for my attention to detail, strong communication skills, excellent collaboration, problem-solving and time management abilities. 

My film "Who are you wearing" has been showcased at the Aesthetica Film Festival in York.



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