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Camera Operation
(Sony, BlackMagic, Canon, FujiFilm) 

Dolly Operation

Gimbal Operation
(Dji, Moza)

Focus Pulling

Fashion Photography. 

Behind-the-scenes Photography 

Corporate Headshots. 

Model Portfolio   


Post Production

Video Editing
(Adobe Premiere Pro)   

Color Grading
(DaVinci Resolve)

Photo Editing
(Photoshop, On1
Photo Raw)

Film Production


Location Scouting


Production Management


  • Part of a panel on Fashion Films along with Raquel Couceiro, head of fashion gaming at SHOWstudio

  • Earned a coveted spot at Aesthetica Film Festival for the film "Who Are You Wearing."

  • Featured on Indian news channel NDTV for being India’s first commercial smartphone photography tutor.

  • Documented the renovation of the iconic Golden Temple, a historic landmark in India



MA Fashion, Film and Digital Production                               London College of Fashion, UAL


Film Making Pro Program

The One School Goa


Commercial Photography Program 
The One School Goa


My Master's program in Fashion Film and Digital Production has provided a comprehensive understanding of the fusion of fashion, film, and digital media. Gaining valuable skills in direction, scripting, preproduction, cinematography, casting and video editing & grading.  I've honed technical proficiency in multiple camera systems, executing effective photo retouching and color grading. Notably, my film, "Who are you wearing," showcased at the Aesthetica Film Festival, stands as a testament to my filmmaking skills, validating them and unlocking industry opportunities

The Film Making Pro Program has honed my skills in creating engaging video content for various purposes, from corporate clients to social media channels. It provided insights into both individual production, like YouTube videos, and the dynamics of large production units. Learning from industry professionals and collaborating with real-world clients enriched my understanding of filmmaking. Completing projects in Advertising & Commercial, Documentary/Visual Story/Event, and Social Media/YouTube streams demonstrated my versatility in content creation.

The 3 Month Commercial Photography Program has equipped me with a profound understanding of visual forms, design principles, color, and lighting, fostering a keen sense of aesthetic appreciation. Beyond the artistic aspects, I've gained practical business skills, including marketing and basic accounting, ensuring seamless deliverable transfer in a professional context. The program has honed my ability to create images that elicit emotional responses, while also instilling a commitment to ethical and professional conduct. Additionally, I've acquired a solid foundation in photographic history and theory, appreciating its impact on visual disciplines and culture

Employment History

May 2021- 2022

Power-Pass Expert
Kool Kanya

May 2018 - June 2023

Photographer, Videographer, Editor and Creative Director

Aug 2017 - Feb 2018

  • Lesson Planning: Developed engaging online course "Smartphone Photography and Videography for Social Media."

  • Remote Learning: Conducted interactive live and pre-recorded sessions, achieving high student satisfaction.

  • Curriculum Development: Curated course materials and collaborated on effective marketing strategies

  • Created creative campaigns & social media strategies for fashion brands, restaurants and clubs

  • Played a key role in shaping monthly creative directions, enhancing the client's image.

  • Proficient in strategic visual storytelling, emphasizing narrative coherence and adherence to brand identity

  • Managed and shot photo and video projects, ensuring commercial awareness of client briefs and projects

  • Worked with influencers in India to create still and moving Instagram, TikTok content for various brands, hotels etc.

  • Developed a holistic approach to planning still and motion photography, resulting in impactful campaigns.

  • Extended expertise to fashion filmmaking, orchestrating timely delivery of captivating films and vertical content.

  • Developed lighting and style guides for consistent aesthetics across the photographs and fashion films for brands.

  • Demonstrated artistic finesse during the editing process, aligning visuals with the brand's aesthetic standards.

  • Fostered effective collaboration with stylists and other collaborators, ensuring cohesive sets and props.

  • Served as the primary editor, utilizing Adobe Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve for precise and impactful visual storytelling to meet project requirements.

  • Ensured strict adherence to guidelines and client breifs in the editing process.

Market Development Manager
Vic Mac Corporation

  • Collaborated with cross-functional teams for unified market expansion, enhancing customer service

  • Implemented diverse sales tactics, leading to a 30% increase in specialty sales.

  • Cultivated strong client relationships, gathered feedback for product enhancement and high customer satisfaction.

  • Utilized data analysis for market insights and conducted training sessions for sales and marketing teams.

  • Prepared detailed sales and market analysis reports, offering valuable insights for data-driven decision-making

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